This page is where we host all the information you need to keep you on top of small group happenings.  Small Group questions and audio of the message will be uploaded at the end of the Sunday Morning Worship Service.

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Message Audio

you don't know 'til you know

Speaker: Chris Garrow

Small Group Questions

You can put your answers directly into the form below and then email it to yourself OR you can click on the Small Group Question button to access a PDF to print.


Q1  - How has “Grace” (the unmerited love/favor of God) changed your perception of God?


Q2 - In the Prodigal Son, the two sons are opposite, yet they both struggle with the same thing, what is that?

Q3 - Read Gal 3:1-6 and Romans 7:13-16 

Each of the verses describes the “flesh”. “Flesh” in Galatians is related to keeping the law and in Roman’s “flesh” is related to breaking the law!  As a group, make sense of this possible contradiction.

Q4 - Read Romans 8:8  As it relates to the attributes of God (Holiness, Love, Righteousness) why can God not be pleased with those in the “flesh”?


Q5 - In light of Romans 8:8, how can you please God this week?

Q6 - What did the Father in the Prodigal Son desire from both sons?  How can you give what the Father desires to Him this week?